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Style and Grayse Spotlight: Shireen Crutchfield

Style and Grayse Spotlight: Shireen Crutchfield
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Actor, singer, model, dancer, writer, and mother: Shireen Crutchfield has succeeded as all. Her first encounter with the entertainment industry was dancing on the hit show Soul Train when she was just a teenager. “When I was in high school, dance was really popular,” Shireen said. She and her friends were in different dance groups and would “battle” each other at parties. One night, somebody in the industry happened to see them and invited them to dance on Soul Train. After which, she and her two friends formed the singing group The Good Girls. Their hit single “Your Sweetness”, in which Shireen sang lead, climbed to the top of the charts. “I still hear it on the radio occasionally,” Shireen said.

While waiting for the release of The Good Girls’ second album, Shireen started modeling. “I just like to work,” said Shireen, who was itching to do something when things got slow with music. “My mom and aunt have done some modeling, so I thought, ‘What the heck, I’ll try it’”. Her first job was a Seventeen magazine cover with Will Smith. After that, she thought, “OK, I’m going to do this,” and has continued modeling ever since. Shireen modeled for Marie and Kelly Gray’s previous company St. John. Unaware that Grayse was their new line, Shireen walked into work, a Grayse fashion show, and was shocked to see Kelly! “It was really special to reconnect and work with them on Grayse,” said Shireen.

Modeling soon led Shireen into acting. Many shows and commercials call for models or a certain look, so Shireen found herself auditioning for roles. “It’s just kind of a natural transition,” said Shireen. “But if I absolutely had to only do one thing, it would be acting.” Shireen said, “I’m just in love with the film industry.” In fact, she even writes movies and wrote a short film that is going into production soon.

“Balancing motherhood and my career has been challenging at times,” said Shireen. “There’s been lots of peaks and valleys.” However, she is happy that she’s been able to raise her kids whilst working. “The kids get a kick out of it,” Shireen said. They especially loved seeing a Barbie doll of Shireen’s character in the show Dark Angel.

Shireen is the epitome of an accomplished, multi-talented woman. And she does it all with style and Grayse. Check her out in her newest movie Illicit!


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