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Style and Grayse Spotlight: Marisa Sullivan

Style and Grayse Spotlight: Marisa Sullivan
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A modern day Hollywood bombshell, Marisa Sullivan is a force to be reckoned with. Having experienced many aspects of the entertainment industry (acting, modeling, entertainment journalism, producing, and even managing film locations), she is an expert on all things Hollywood. Marisa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, always knowing she was meant to be a performer. After studying theater abroad in Cannes and experiencing all the glamour of France, she knew she could never go back to the Midwest. So, she got a one way ticket to Los Angeles and has been thriving in the city ever since.

Location: Concrete Loft

Marisa worked as a bartender while doing acting and modeling gigs. But soon she found even more jobs. According to Marisa, she “accidentally fell into a journalism career.” She landed a coveted position as a Senior Reporter for Us Weekly. “A lot of my friends were in media and I would be helping my friends with stories not realizing how valuable I was. All of a sudden, I’d get somebody a cover story,” Marisa said, crediting her outgoing personality and people skills. “I always connect people; I’m a connector.” So, she decided to utilize this talent and became a journalist herself. Marisa likes to use her connecting skills to help others too. “My friends joke and call me the job whisperer because I’m always helping people get work.” said Marisa. “It makes me feel good to help out younger people with dreams because I know how big my dreams were, and it would always hurt when people would shut them down.”

Marisa has a hard time defining what exactly it is that she does, besides being a one-stop shop for all things entertainment. Working so many different jobs, she has a lot of sides to her. She uses fashion as a way to express her true self. “Half the people in my life are used to me with no makeup, wearing flip flops and jeans and the other half only sees me dressed to the nines, like a celebrity,” says Marisa. However, she defines her overall style as classic and timeless. Marisa says, “My Grayse pieces are staple pieces for me for wherever I go to cover an event.” For instance, she recently wore a Grayse dress when flown out to Monaco to interview Kevin Hart. 

Now, Marisa does freelance journalism, which gives her more time for her other ventures, like producing and acting. You may have seen her in the docu-series Mansion Hunters on the network Reelz, which she also has been featured on as an on-camera correspondent. Soon, she’ll start filming a new movie I’ll Be Around in which she’ll play Rita, a “punk rocker chick”. She also regularly covers red carpet events like the Oscars and the Golden Globes, where she has interviewed countless celebrities. Yet Marisa has never let the glamour of Hollywood life get to her head. As she says, “At the end of the day, no matter what glitzy Hollywood party I’m going to, I’m still a sassy, crass tomboy from Chicago.”

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  • Sylvia Dambrosio: August 07, 2018

    Great interview !
    I love the pieces she showed !

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