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Style and Grayse Report: Pam Svalstad

Style and Grayse Report: Pam Svalstad
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From model to CEO, Pam Svalstad is a self-made woman who is now jumping back into modeling after her retirement and following her passion. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pam became involved in high school and college theater, eventually taking her into the world of acting and modeling. When Pam was in her late 20s and early 30s she began modeling for various department stores in Cincinnati and acted in a couple of commercials as well as a TV series. “I loved the work. I enjoyed it immensely, but I had a son and I needed to go and get full-time work,” Pam said. Pam was divorced and a single mom and therefore had to make some sacrifices. However, little did she know at the time that she would one day go back into modeling and do what she loves.

Photo by: Cynthia Shaffer

Pam got a job selling software and worked her way up to owning an executive search firm that specialized in software high-level management. She was the CEO for 10 years before retiring when she hit her 50s. Pam then went back to school, earning a degree in psychology from Vanguard, thinking she wanted to work in that field. Although passionate about the research side of psychology, Pam realized she didn’t have the temperment for the clinical side. Since then, she became very involved in volunteer work.

Photo by: Cynthia Shaffer

After this whirlwind of careers and changes, Pam finally fell back into modeling. Five years ago, her friend asked her to model in her fashion shows. “I did it for fun,” Pam said. Then, through her friend, Pam met Marie and Kelly Gray.. “I fell in love with their clothes,” Pam said. “Oh my goodness, who wouldn’t love their clothes, right? And I fell in love with them,” referring to Marie and Kelly themselves. Soon after befriending Marie and Kelly, Pam was invited to model for Grayse. “That’s when the wheels started turning,” said Pam. She realized this doesn’t have to be just for fun. After meeting some other people in the industry who have asked her to do some modeling for them, Pam thought, “Well, maybe I should just do this.” So, Pam sought to make it official and signed with Brand Talent last month, a leader in the model/talent management industry. She is also planning on doing some acting work as well. “Here I am launching a new career and I can’t wait!” said Pam. “I’m having a blast!”

Photo by: Kaelin Davis

Pam’s modeling career is taking flight; as Coco Chanel once said, “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Photo by: Cynthia Shaffer


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  • Sylvette Carver : July 05, 2018

    Pam is not only a good model, but a joy to know. Pam is fun to be around, always positive and as the best attitude. Pam loves modeling and she does it with flare and elegance and looks great in everything she wears. Pam is my go to model always.

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