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Fall Preview! Scenes from El Paseo Fashion Week 2018

Fall Preview! Scenes from El Paseo Fashion Week 2018
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Fashion Week El Paseo Finale

Grayse on the Runway

El Paseo Fashion Week is a renowned event for its amazing venue in the greater palm springs area, beautiful cocktail receptions, shopping experience, and outlets for creative designers. The night was filled with Seasoned and new emerging designers to showcase their work. An event that is open to the public making in a premier experience for everyone. 

This year Grayse hit the runway in Palm Desert for the famous El Paseo Fashion Week to preview our Fall Collection. Grayse was easily a fan favorite for our glitz and glamour, irresistible styles, and creative outro pictured above. 
To prepare for this show, details were established weeks in advance to create a unique look on stage that would be a show stopper. Creating the look pictured above first started with the painting and embellishing of the ladders. Kelly Gray envisioned all of the "Grayse Girls" in all their sparkle and shine beautifully arranged on the stage to create a statement art piece with the collection.
Scenes from El Paseo is an event featuring looks from boutique shops on El 
Paseo. Our very first store in Located in El Paseo and was in the perfect position to shine, quite literally. 
Our styles that were showcased are from our up coming seasons that feature plenty of embellished leggings and tops and stunning pave dresses, gowns, and tops. Choosing what styles to be showcased are crucial when putting together a fashion show. Back in our corporate office the details of what styles will be shown and on what models are established by the team of designers that create the concepts for the clothing. Stay updated when these collections arrive by subscribing to our newsletter.
It was an event to remember that we are excited to share with everyone. To get a glimpse of Grayse of the Runway, you
can view the video here below.

Check out some of the styles from the show available now!


  • Brandon Juarez: May 31, 2018

    Much appreciated for the kind words Roberta, we’re glad you are happy with your wardrobe!

  • Roberta Desmarais: May 30, 2018

    My entire wardrobe is now Grayse clothes. I love the creativity of the designs, every piece is unique and I love the fact that I’m not going to run into someone wearing the same outfit. The clothes somehow seem to flatter my shape and the fabrics are extremely comfortable.

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